The Tipsy Tortoise has hit 30K on their Soundcloud, and to celebrate they have posted a special remix by MKJaff Eightfold. The track “What I Might Do” was originally by Mandeh and GuitK, but this rendition of their song is certainly something special. The track itself is built with beautiful tropical vibes, capturing the nature of a glorious summer. It’s soft and pure, yet would fit perfectly in any beach themed set list for a DJ. Flutes fill the melody and inspire such a warm and harmonious feeling in the heart and soul.

I have been following The Tipsy Tortoise since it’s beginning only a few short months ago. They have come such a long way, and I am very excited and positive about what other greatness they will bring to our industry. Be sure to follow The Tipsy Tortoise on their Facebook below, and check out more on their page today.

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