The bastard lovechild of Melbourne bounce and bass house has arrived, and Victor Niglio taking claim as the father. Born from the bones provided by Mia Martina and Waka Flocka, Niglio is fervently braving new territory with his “Beast” remix. Tagged as #FutureBounce it seems he may be on to something here…

After thrashing minds with his recent Witchdoctor EP, this newest creation is truly a testament to Niglio’s production talent. Having tried his hand at everything from jungle terror, trap, big room, and bounce, we should have seen this coming. It’s an inventive track, eloquently transposing mainstage dutch horns over grueling bass lines not unlike what we’d expect from JAUZ.

House percussion and driven beats play underneath classic bounce builds and fades, leaving your ears with the firm impression of goose fornication. Even trap’s omnipresent hi-hats find there way into this mix to ensure there’s a little something for everyone.

Whatever kind of party this is, I guarantee you want to be there. Have a listen to the glorious juxtaposition below, and grab Victor Niglio’s remix of “Beast” now on Beatport.