How do you feel about a collaboration between Mad Decent leader Diplo and the frontman to one of indie rock’s biggest bands Ezra Koenig? According to a recent interview between Diplo and Rolling Stone, talked about many songs he made with the lead member of Vampire Weekend and his dealings with Ezra as a musician breaking away from the traditional sense of rock.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time Diplo and Vampire Weekend members worked on some tunes together. On Major Lazer‘s sophomore album Free The Universe, Ezra was the featured vocalist on a song called “Jessica” and most recently was a character on the new Major Lazer cartoon on FXX. Aside from Ezra, V.W. producer, keyboardist, and guitarist Rostam Batmanglij worked on a song with Diplo and Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear called “Long Way Home” released about seven months ago. These multiple collaborations have established a strong connection between these respective heavy weights of electronic dance music and indie rock that have already flourished with plenty of genre-bending ideas and musical thoughts waiting to be conceived from these prominent minds.

From the interview, Diplo stated,

“I’ve done a lot of songs with Ezra Koenig [of Vampire Weekend], some really cool stuff that I hope people get to hear. We wrote a couple of things for another artist that might be huge records for the end of summer — one of them started with a Vampire Weekend idea. But he’s not traditional rock — he’s like me, a hodgepodge of styles and influences.”

Ezra Koenig has also confirmed that a fourth Vampire Weekend is in the works. He goes onto say,

“Right now we’re definitely gearing up to start working on another album but, we’re not in a zone of like getting in there everyday or anything. There have been discussions, of course there’s…in some ways, you know, we’re always working.”

He even goes more into detail, sharing news about music leftover from Vampire Weekend’s previous LP Modern Vampires Of The City saying,

There are songs that are left over, not to diminish them, but songs that just weren’t quite right for the last album that I’m very excited about for the next album, so you know there’s little demos that I kind of listen to everyday.”

Let us know what you think of these future endeavors between these musicians. Also, check out both “Jessica” and “Long Way Home” and give us your thoughts on these tunes too.

Sources: Rolling Stone, NME