Monstercat has been getting a lot of flack from fans as of late for its choice to release so much future bass for its 023 compilation. It’s not that the genre is bad, just that Monstercat fans have always been used to a bit more variety. Well, Muzzy and Droptek are here to answer your cries.

The two are a couple of the last bastions of heavy bass music on the label after the departure of Lets Be Friends, Krewella, and Obsidia. Their collaboration that came out Friday is called “Warhead,” though it should have been called “Clusterbomb” for the sheer amount of carnage that it unleashes on listeners. It’s tearout in the best sense of the word, rolling through three consecutively astonishing drops, each one more powerful than the last.

Hearing this live would be … well, mind blowing.

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