What a terrible week it has been for Avicii. After getting royally spanked on the internet by Deadmau5 this week, it seems the trouble isn’t over yet for Avicii. Starkillers, a prominent artist with over 12 Beatport #1’s to his name, recently took to his Twitter to call Avicii out for he theft of Bromance:

Bromance, which is easily one of Avicii’s biggest hits, helped catapult the young star into the limelight he has today. Although several other tracks played a crucial role, Bromance still remains one of Avicii’s best tracks. Although the song was released back in 2010, Starkillers has still not forgotten what happened:


This is not the first time other artists have gone after the team behind Avicii, especially his manager. While nothing is confirmed, the points that Starkillers brings up in his several tweet rant raises interesting questions that need to be addressed.

You can read Starkillers rant on his Twitter