Aero Chord is definitely one of my favorite artists on Monstercat. He’s released, in my opinion, one of the best trap songs of our era “Surface”, and he’s created countless other pieces of music over the past few years. Today he released another tune that has certainly pushed his boundaries, and it is not a track that will disappoint.

“4U” is a track in the moombahton and trap realm, that features so many amazing electronic sounds and ideas. Sitting in at 110 bpm, this tune is bound to make your mind melt and your body move. It has a very melodic beginning, and grows more intense with each second. It really brings me back to older tunes from Dillon Francis, and the nostalgia hits an all time high once the drop occurs. There’s such a huge bassline and the warped craziness of the track takes hold. There’s no doubt in my mind that Aero Chord and his experimenting has made a lot of people happy today. This song is monumental, taking a bright and happy feeling and combining it with an epic and hard hitting vibe. I hope that Aero Chord has more incredible music for us to come soon.

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