Though you may not have heard of it, legendary Italian club Cocoricò has played host to dozens of the world’s leading DJs and performers, including Ricardo Villalobos, Len Faki and Marco Carola. The club has played a part in the world’s music scene for the past 16 sixteen years, even reaching #18 on DJ Mag’s top clubs for 2014, though it now faces trouble after a patron collapsed and later died of a supposed drug overdose on the premises.

16-year-old Lamberto Lucaccioni felt ill while at Cocorico two weeks ago, and later collapsed and was pronounced dead – he was thought to have taken ecstasy. After the investigation by Italian police, it was decided that the club would face a four-month forced closure while it reevaluated its security policies.

Cocoricò management has taken many preventive measures against drug consumption in the last few years – especially after the new director Fabrizio De Meis took over – doing everything possible to fight drug dealers within its walls.

The club itself has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

At this time, the “Facebook event We repoen Cocoricò currently has 42 thousand attending, and this online petition against the closure has more than 3,000 signatures.”

"Drugs kill" & “Cocoricò loves music, not drugs”

“Drugs kill” & “Cocoricò loves music, not drug”