Fawks is coming off a hot streak lately. His series of bootlegs and releases have been absolutely phenomenal. This guy is definitely a new powerhouse act amongst the future and bass house producers out there.

He is now delivering his first EP via Ministry of Sound’s cool kid label, Downright. The EP features two spectacular, high energy tracks dubbed “Stars and Bars” and No Sleep”. On this new EP, Fawks is pouring all of his unique street house vibes into his work. He unleashes hard hitting verses and hooky vocals on top of these addictive and completely mind blowing beats.

“Stars and Bars” pushes the limits combining rap with garage, and the verse is complemented with a heavy bassline and groovy percussion. “No Sleep” gets an incredible re-release and includes an intense and powerful bass hit alongside an unforgettable vocal hook.

At this point in his career Fawks is on fire, bringing one high energy hit after another. This new EP definitely gets a high ranking on my scorecard, and I cannot wait to hear what else he has in store for us. A big congrats to him on this awesome new EP! Expect more street-based future house from Fawks and he takes over 2015. Be sure to follow him on the social media links below, and grab your copy of his new EP now.