A few years ago, I watched a documentary entitled Married To The Eiffel Tower that focused on three women and their love of inanimate objects. It’s called objectophilia, and it affects thousands around the world.

Anything is game – from cars and keyboards, to bridges and even the Eiffel Tower. These are real relationships. Some of them are monogamous, others are polyamorous, they reflect what most of the world would consider “normal” relationships. As a psychology major, this fascinated me and I found a deep empathetic connection to these people.

Now, Keys N Krates are shedding some light on the subject with the official music video for their track “Save Me” featuring Katy B. The story follows a group of individuals in love with objects, with lasting romantic connections, on the way to a friend’s wedding. They celebrate an alternative form of love, but it is no less real or significant than anything you may feel in your whole life.

It’s an absolutely beautiful movie and I’m so proud of Keys N Krates for taking that leap and showing another side to people that they might have never seen before. Check it out below.

If you’d like to learn more about objectophilia, you can check out Objectùm-Sexuality.