Following our previous post about a tasing at a ticket drop location for a free Kygo event, both women – the one who used the taser and the one who was tased – emailed me about the altercation and what happened. I will use pseudonyms for both women as they would not like to be identified. The woman with the taser will be called Melissa; the woman who reached out to me who was tased will be called JoAnn.

Opposite to what was originally thought, Melissa was not using a taser in order to get tickets. Melissa was there with a friend who suffered from heat syncope, a condition that results in fainting when in the presence of hot and humid weather – not a great condition to have in a place like Tampa, but that’s beside the point. According to Melissa, she was waiting in the car with this friend while a separate friend went to go secure a place in line so that her first friend wouldn’t have to stand in the heat.

When they finally got out to take their place in line with the friend who had secured their spot, people (rightfully) thought they were cutting and (not rightfully) screamed and yelled at Melissa and her friend until they felt unsafe and returned to the car.

While we were waiting in the car someone came up to my window harassing me for “cutting the line” telling me to open my doors. I felt threatened at that point so I brought my taser (perfectly legal and very low voltage, mostly used for sound to deter people).

This is corroborated by JoAnn’s comments saying that the taser didn’t hurt, and she was able to brush it off quickly after the incident.

We yet again were harassed when we returned to the booth to claim our tickets, and while we were sitting, waiting and bothering no one a girl stole the tickets from my friend. I noticed she was no longer next to me, [and] when I turned around to see what happened there were 3 girls on top of her. [T]he taser wasn’t my first choice, I tried to get them off of her but they wouldn’t, I then used my taser for sound deterrence, I NEVER struck someone with it!

Another witness contacted Your EDM to corroborate most of what Melissa told me.

At some point another girl came up and stole the number out of the girl’s pocket and ran inside Genghis Grill. The girls who cut the line then ran inside after her with the taser. Cops were called and the 2 girls fled the premises. Didn’t seem like much came of it after that. 2 cops and an ambulance showed up.

In the meantime, JoAnn has emailed me to tell me her side of the story.

My friend and myself went inside after getting our tickets because we got a free beer ticket from the guys with 101.5; we look back at the door and we see this girl being yanked out of the restaurant entrance by the girl with a “medical condition” because I guess she stole her number and gave it to the guy who got turned away for being #51 in line. My friend got up to try and break up the fight and ended up getting punched in the head and ended up in the fight, and dropped to the floor with the girl who had just gotten her ticket stolen, so I got involved… [The friend with the taser] came inside the restaurant with it and just barely touched me on the back with it and I just stood up and stopped hitting the girl that was fighting my friend and she was on the floor, jabbing it at us and I guess tazed [sic] my friend on her hand a little bit. The police came, took down information, and that’s about it.

The altercation was “settled” without either party facing charges, and I’m personally glad that it didn’t get more out of hand. Melissa’s use of a low voltage taser was within her alleged self-defense rights and, apparently, so was JoAnn’s involvement in the altercation.

Still, it should never devolve into baseless physical altercations when trying to gain entry to a show. It’s a foolish endeavor to see these artists who tour constantly to risk injury to yourself and others when you can just see them another time.

Check out the video below.