Having just released the new single ‘All I See’ through Ultra Music, the future for house producer and DJ JackLNDN is looking very bright indeed. With his sophisticated and melodic approach to tune writing, we’re already itching to hear more from him. Check out our interview with him below.

We’re blown away by the sophistication in ‘All I See.’ Firstly, where did the inspiration for the single come from?

The single grew out of a little jam I had with myself in the studio. It was one of the first times I started to really experiment with using my own voice and writing a song around a vocal line instead of around chords.

How have you found working alongside Ultra for this record?

It’s been great. David Waxman and the people over there really believe in the music that I have been working on, and share my desire to keep things interesting and fresh. ‘All I See’ was just the start of a whole bunch of new music that I am very excited to share with people. I’m keeping myself busy working on records and making sure we have lots of music to choose from.

Is writing tunes a fairly quick process for you or do you take some time keep going back over bits?

I am now taking a little more time with my tracks when the feeling is right.  It totally depends on how deep into the session you get. Sometimes you just catch yourself in a flow and you don’t break it or stop until the song is finished. I can get a song finished in a day that way, but it isn’t always the best way.

How would you best sum up your sound?

It’s not really one thing. It’s a little bit of disco, fused with some housey flavours all wrapped around some nice laid back jazzy harmonies.  I actually have no idea what genre I would label it, which I guess is a good thing. My music is just a reflection of everything that I grew up around.

If you could name three of your biggest musical influences over the years, who would they be?

It’s hard to ignore Daft Punk. Maybe an obvious choice, but still insanely valid in showing me how to craft dance music. I especially loved the latest album and their foray back into some of the classic sounds that I grew up listening too. Any disco revival is a wonderful thing in my world. In my teen years one of the most standout album was “Cross” by Justice. I was so into that album and into that sound before I was even really aware of dance music as a culture and movement.  Pendulum also spent the majority of my teenage years completely crushing it, and tearing up festivals with their live show. Their whole approach to live performance was always something that stood out form the crowd a little bit, and It’s an a approach I’m wanting to channel as I develop my own live show.

Are you currently based in London? If so, how would you describe the house scene over there right now?

I’m actually making the move over to the States right now after having lived in London my whole life. The scene is strong in London, for musical output and artists as well as the music being promoted in the venues. What’s on offer is hugely diverse, but the presence of house music is undeniable. It feels like people in UK will always be into house music whatever the flavour du jour may be. It’s been on the menu for a while in London too, so producers seem to be really pushing hard for new flavours and trying new styles.

What are your main focuses for the rest of the year?

I’m playing Shambala and Burning Man amongst other festivals which I am super excited about, and of course playing a bunch of shows in various places around the US. But the next big thing is developing the live show. I’m getting into it now, and feeling my way around how I want to perform live. I want to test the water and try out different elements in the setup until I get it just right. And then all will be revealed, haha!