I am so absurdly honored to be bringing you this remix right now, you don’t even know.

Brian Dunn announced the retirement of his dubstep alias, Dubby Jonny, in May, shortly after the release of his debut album, The Fire. If you’ve been a fan of his, you might also know about his other alias – Matchbox Orchestra. After about a year of silence on that Soundcloud (we think to focus on his Dubba Jonny album), he is releasing the first track on his new journey.

Remixing “Jealous” by Chromeo is a large enough task as it is. The self-proclaimed FVNK LORDS are masters at their craft, and “Jealous” was the shining single of their latest album, White Women. But damn it if Matchbox Orchestra doesn’t take this tune and make it his own. Retaining the powerfully funky vocals is a smart choice, though the future trap undertones are all new. In fact, the vibe of the entire track has changed and we’re absolutely digging it.

As far as remixes go, this is a brilliant example of how to it 100% right. Get your free download here. Keep in touch with Matchbox Orchestra via the social media links below.