Mystery producer Marshmello is back with a new tune, and it may be his best one yet. “HoMe” is a melodic future bass tune that proves Marshmello has no intentions of slowing down. It features more refined sounds than his previous releases, which can only mean we’re looking at a cleaner, more mature sounding Marshmello.

“HoMe” starts off with a nice instrumental opening, consisting only of future-sounding synths. The lack of a drum beat for the first 30 seconds or so shifts the focus to these sounds, a key element to the rest of the song. The drums are somewhat forgettable, never really sticking out too much in the mix. Because of this, the main melodies act as the driving force behind the track, something that isn’t exactly a ‘bad’ thing. Marshmello must have realized this, as he crafted layers of beautiful rhythms throughout the entire song: nice highs ring over crunchy bass lines, all supported by background plucks to fill in the empty spaces. “HoMe” is a big step forward for Marshmello; it’s sure to convince many non-believers that ‘Marshmello’ is not just some fake alias that puts out generic beats.

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!