Daft Punk is by far one of the more popular choices to cover when looking at dance music. However, BBC Radio 1 has raised the bar with a full orchestra covering dance music classics from throughout the years in celebration of 20 years of success.

Called “Ibiza Prom” and hosted by the all-powerful Pete Tong, the performance spans an hour and a half of dance covers for over 20 songs. From Daft Punk to Rudimental to Eric Prydz and more, they don’t miss much with this enchanting, classically themed show. Check it out in full below for what is surely one of the greatest performances of our time & find the tracklist below the jump.


1. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now
2. Eric Prydz – Pjanoo
3. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme
4. Robert Miles – Children
5. ATB – 9 PM (Till I Come)
6. Moby – Go
7. Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
8. Inner City – Good Life
9. Orbital – Belfast
10. The Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch II
11. Daft Punk – One More Time
12. Alison Limmerick – Where Love Lives (Come On In)
13. Vangelis – Rachel’s Song (Perfecto Symphony Orchestra)
14. Faithless – Insomnia
15. Moby – Porcelain
16. Rudimental – Waiting All Night
17. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
18. Rhythm is Rhythm – Strings of Life
19. DJ Rolando – Jaguar (Knights of the Jaguar)
20. Brainbug – Nightmare
21. Energy 52 – Café del Mar
22. Rudimental – Feel the Love
23. The Source – You Got the Love