If you’re a fan of the legendary Mr. Carmack, then Lain, an up-and-comer from Chicago, is just for you. Lain even managed to snag a spot on Team Supreme’s newest beat cypher, “Vol. 130.” Capable of creating eccentric trap beats, the talented producer is now releasing his newest track, “Rang,” through underground aficionados fckthsindstry.   

The track starts off with some simple percussion-like sounds, which work together to establish an ominous feel. These continue through the drop, as Lain introduces a nice kick line in support. Sounds reminiscent of an edited steel drum ring out on top and really help drive the beat forward. A small Jersey club-esque break can be heard in the middle, which gives way to an explosion of dirty low notes at the second drop. They bring a whole new level of complexity to “Rang,” adding the perfect amount of ‘weirdness’ to the mix.

Check out the song below or click HERE for free download!

Artwork by Aleksandra Yurek