Take Protostar’s¬†beautiful and cinematic compositions, Draper’s¬†funky and upbeat electronic sounds, combine them, and what do you get? A fascinating and captivating glitch hop tune called “Chrysalis”.

You can really sense both artists’ incredible and genuine production techniques, as they mold into one fused form of groovy and glittering perfection. The track begins with a moving piano build up, setting the stage for something wondrous and magical. All of the tension releases as the electronic sounds shape together in one swift change of pace. The glitch hop takes control and you find yourself on a wild and fun journey. The bassline is absolutely devine, and the overall rythym and melody is unlike anything else I have heard. It all rises and falls so well, and provides a prestine balance of fun and moving energy. And as it should have, the track cascades out with more enchanting and harmonious¬†piano.

This was certainly a treat for me, and it was such a fresh sound to hear. Catch more from Draper and Protostar by following these two on their social media links below.

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