The name FIGURE in the bass scene is one that commands immediate respect. With an incredibly bold and creative approach to his productions, this artist and DJ is set to continue his impressive reign with a brand new LP ‘Gravity’ that drops at the end of the month. We grabbed FIGURE (otherwise known as Josh) for a chat about his latest musical project.

Your history in music stretches way back. What first prompted you to get into it?

Starting out I just wanted to learn how to scratch and make beats, that started when I was about 16. I dedicated all my time to it… other than skating I would just stay inside and try to teach myself the craft. When I was 20 I started getting into older drum and bass, Prodigy, and all that type of stuff… that aggressiveness was what was missing in the hip hop stuff I was trying to do. So from there I just flipped the switch and found my own style with heavy bass music. I have been making a lot of hip hop music again, I actually have a full album done with Cas One – more details on that later though.

Who or what would you say your biggest influences throughout your career have been?

The support is the main thing, I would make music no matter what, but when the shows and things keep growing it’s really the best motivation.  At first the fans I would meet just liked heavy shit and I fit into that, but now it seems my fans are really close friends. It’s like a massive family. Playing some venues I’ve always wanted to play, doing my own shows and having them sell out is such a honor.

The new album Gravity has some awesome collaborations on it. Who did you have the most fun working with?

To me, the collabs with Adeem and A-Plus were a massive personal goal reached. I grew up listening to them, and having them just instantly say yes when I asked about making the tracks together was very touching, let alone that they delivered amazing verses. Those two tracks are some of my favorites from the album, they have a touch of my old hip hop vibe paired with what I do now as Figure.

How would you describe the LP’s theme?

A hyper space adventure jumping from planet to planet. I tried to tell a rough story with it, more so a theme to any adventure you could have out there in the unknown.

You have an incredibly strong fan base. How have they reacted to tracks from the collection so far?

Well to be honest, I was really stressed about people freaking out over them all not being super heavy dubstep, but I left it to my fans to be amazing and open minded. I don’t really read any comments on SoundCloud or YouTube ever, but for these I did because I wanted to see what people thought about some new vibes from me… and I was so stoked. It was about 95% all super positive feedback.

Festival season is in full swing – where are you playing over the next couple of months?

Electric Adventure, then I have some time off through the end of August before I join the Safe In Sound tour for a few shows in early September on the North East leg. I then head back to France for a few shows, and come back and tour through North America right up until NYE. Most of that is all TBA at the moment, but we should have everything online very soon!

Finally, do you feel more at home in the studio or behind the decks?

Both are the same to me, they are two and the same. I think it’s just because I started doing both 24/7 when I was 16 and haven’t slowed down. Home in the studio is more comfortable… it’s home! But the stage, planes, and hotels have became my 2nd home. 

Thanks for talking with me – to anyone who hasn’t heard the new music yet, Gravity will all be available in full on Aug 31st from my socials, for free, and from all retail if you choose to support that way.  Right now, a handful of early singles are already out, so head over and check them out. Hope to see you all on the road one day soon – Josh.