ID&T, the Dutch event company and subsidiary of SFX that was set to host the first ever installment of Southern California’s One Tribe Festival, has just released the following statement to Less Than 3, effectively postponing the event until further notice.

The OneTribe festival in SoCal is being indefinitely postponed due to various unforeseen events and circumstances.

The festival was supposed to take place September 25-26 at the Lake Perris Recreation Area. While no concrete information has been given as to the exact reason for the event’s cancellation, it’s very likely that it has something to do with Robert F.X. Sillerman’s impact on the company’s current financial state.

The One Tribe Facebook page continued to update regularly until midday yesterday. Its final post was an artist feature for one of the acts on their lineup.

One Tribe released an official statement on their Facebook page not long ago.

one tribe press announcement


Source: LessThan3