With each of his releases, Wisconsin native Noer the Boy seems to break down more musical and technical barriers than we thought existed. The appeal in his tracks comes from their jaw-dropping attention to fine percussion detail and ungodly mangling of samples, all in the name of creating a beat so twisted and broken that it effectively ruins any preconceptions about the scale of “dirty” trap. His newest song, titled “We Have Ourselves A Cold Case!” follows the same pattern, leaving us with blurred vision and shell shock. Visit Noer’s Bandcamp page now to download the track, and donate $1 or more to help him with his grocery bill.

All money made from this release will go directly to the “allow Noah to buy a sandwich and chocolate milk” fund.

The track begins with an ominous layering of dark, grainy samples, reversed and looped from all distances. A heavy bass tone and a few scattered claps bring us into the break without warning alongside a glitched, semi-arpeggiated twang. Shakes of broken glass rest atop the spastic sub bass and offset kick drum while the twang transforms into a whirring scratch playfully thrown around the space. Just when the beat should repeat itself, Noer The Boy decides to break out a recorder-like synth and lay waste to the already wobbly rhythmic structure that we were just getting used to. As your face puckers and you look around wildly, the percussion resumes center spotlight. Eventually, the drums are removed, leaving us with a simple keyboard ditty that takes us to the song’s close. 

Head over to Bandcamp to download the track!