It’s always satisfying to witness artists break through. Many producers spend years vying for listeners despite the talent behind their tracks. Such is the case with the Los Angeles-based trio Corporate Slackrs, who spent many months amassing a fanbase in their home state of Florida. Their Soundcloud went silent for a few months, and many “Slackrs” (as they refer to their fans) wondered what was next for the group. Turns out silent period was very much worth the wait.

Enter the Corporate Slackrs’ remix of “Red Lips” by fellow Floridians-gone-Californians G.T.A., a remix that proves heavy bass music can still shake a dance floor. The trio’s production gives a weight to Sam Bruno‘s vocals, creating a chilling-yet-satisfying build-up. The remix’s drop morphs the lead synth into an effective lead, powerful among the group’s clever utility of deep drums and an echoing vocal sample. If this remix signals things to come, Corporate Slackrs will land on every dance music fan’s radar sooner rather than later.

Listen to the Corporate Slackr’s remix of G.T.A.’s “Red Lips” below, and grab the song free of charge with the free download button: