Mr FijiWiji is still one of my top favorites on Monstercat to date. He recently released a VIP of his awesome tune “Yours Truly” featuring the ever so lovely¬†Danyka Nadeau. This release came with a contest listeners could enter to create the artwork for this track too, which was a super cool way to release this.¬†It’s very different, yet the same compared to the original, which is very chilling to say the least. It’s got this really incredible chill trap vibe to it, and has all of the bass you could ever wish for. He altered the vocals a bit to fade in and out in certain areas of the song, offering a lot of mystery as to what would unfold after each second. I love how eerie Mr Fiji Wiji’s music is, and he just has his own signature sound which perfectly captures all of the haunting emotions we all have inside of us. I seriously have high hopes for his future, and I just know there will always be great things to come from him. Be on the lookout for more from Mr Fiji Wiji and follow him on the social media links below.