PYLOT has been leaving such an impact on listeners and fans of Monstercat recently. His last two releases ‘After Dark’ and ‘Flashbacks’ have taken us on a winding journey, via a mysterious, nightriding motorcyle alias. PYLOT has released the third installment to this series of him attempting to remember his true identity, and ‘Blurred Vision’ can tell is he’s getting closer.

Ever since I first heard PYLOT’s music, I just remember thinking how much he reminded me of Kavinsky, the electronic man who came back from the dead after a car crash (you may remember hearing his track “Nightcall” in the movie “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling). PYLOT has this incredible and thrilling energy with his music, and the plot of him trying to regain his memory through his music makes it all the more awesome. This new track takes us down a highway of desperation, and it is such a great track to listen to while cruising in or on any mode of transportation. It’s filled with nu-disco and smooth electronic beats, and infused with a powerful bass, complemented with a dash of electrifying indie dance sounds. PYLOT is really taking Monstercat to a whole other level, and I am so excited to see what happens next in his saga. Keep up to date with the latest releases from PYLOT by following him on the social media links below!