UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that Bassnectar’s tweets aren’t entirely accurate, as the venue has yet to review this year and/or even consider new sanctions for 2016. We apologize for worrying fans, and hope that EDM can continue to thrive at the historic attraction for years to come. Their marketing and communications director laid it out plain and simple in response:

“I’ve said this before, the history of Red Rocks is the history of pop culture in the United States, and EDM is a big part of that. We are absolutely not trying to ban EDM, but we have a responsibility to neighbors, and we put in restrictions in place that we thought were fair. If (an artist) finds that it doesn’t work for them and the way that they want their music to be heard, we completely understand.”


We’ve covered the topic before, when Red Rocks was first forced to drastically reduce bass and sub-bass decibel levels. Now, it’s happening again, despite a vehement fan petition.

We’ll refer to it as the BASS-ageddon from here on out.

In a fresh twitter reveal from Lorin, aka Bassnectar, the undeniable king of Colorado who regularly sells out an entire weekend of concerts at Red Rocks, he reveals that the historic venue is once more being forced to lower bass levels to accommodate the neighboring town’s requests.

Nectar even goes as far as publicly denouncing the venue, boldly vociferating that the only shows which Red Rocks can adequately accommodate now are ambient or rock performances. He states simply “the venue is a bust.” However, harken yung Colorado bassheads, he does have other plans to sate your thirst.

In my experience they’ve already approaching the threshold of “enjoyable” volume levels thanks to the current restrictions, and enforcing the bass-ageddon come 2016 is only going to make matters worse. 

Stay tuned for more info and check it all out in his tweets below.

Photo by Rukes