It’s always nice to see a member of the dance music family being tabbed to remix a major track. In this case, Haitian producer Michael Brun has gotten the chance to officially remix one of the world’s biggest artists – Killers frontman Brandon Flowers. As most would know, Brandon has a pretty involved solo career on top of everything he’s done with The Killers. His single, ‘I Can Change‘, appears on his 2nd artist album, The Desired Effect.

Michael has taken ‘I Can Change’ and made it into a dance floor friendly, high energy progressive house track, and it works very well. The lead line of Brandon’s original is, of course, a sample itself – the famous melody from Bronski Beat’s 80s anthem ‘Small Town Boy’. Brun takes this melody and highlights it even further, featuring it over a 4×4 beat prominently throughout the remix. The result is a track that pays homage to the original, while also nicely encapsulating Brandon’s rework. The track is out later this month on Island Records.