Mysterious project OSSEO has just released its first single in the form of a “U Mad” remix, originally created by Vic Mensa. Although this account is new to Soundcloud, it seems to have already found its production niche among some of the heaviest hitters in the game like Jauz. For a satisfying and energetic blend of genres, take a listen to the track below.

The track begins with a heavy kick and snare arrangement, patterned simply underneath a wide jolt of dark synth. Vocal chops from the original lead into a cascading fadeout, where the horn section is then able to make its introduction. A devastating trap rhythm emerges behind the verse, but quickly carries into a powerful swell. The break explodes into a double-time tempo, complete with flowing deep house sweeps and the classic hat strikes. Right when you think you’ll be able to predict the rest of the track, it flips on its head and becomes a deadly trap beat once more. We’re left with our elbows up and face puckered.