Although he may be a serial offender of our weekend playlist, there’s a lot more we want to know about New York City’s Gryffin. His “cloud house” sound has put him in a league of his own, and every time he uploads a remix, we know its going to be a good day. However, for those who haven’t listened to it yet, you are going to be suprised in the best way possible when you hear his chill trap-infused, official remix of Josef Salvat’s “Open Season” released via Columbia Records.

The standout point in this track is how Gryffin undeniably switched up his style from ethereal house to melodic trap,¬†and yet, he was able to keep his airy guitar strokes working side-by-side with Salvat’s heart-wrenching croons to create a truly beautiful output. This one is a true treat so definitely give it a play below.