Let’s take two acts with an insane amount of songwriting talent, put them in a room together, and watch what happens. I’m pretty sure that was the approach when Tritonal and The Chainsmokers decided to collab. This quartet have been responsible for some of the biggest tracks of the year (“Untouchable” and “Roses” respectively), which have led to two major North American tours this fall.

“Until You Were Gone” is the perfect hybrid of these two duos’ abilities. Quality lyrics that are common in The Chainsmokers’ tracks are delivered by singer Emily Warren, whose quirky voice joins an army of great singers from their other releases this year. The bright, synthy drop is reminiscent of other Tritonal hits like “Now or Never” and “Lost” with Juventa, which are guaranteed to fill the listener with plenty of good vibes.  Together, The Chainsmokers and Tritonal do well to create a song that brilliantly showcases their talents, which is sure to be rinsed all over radio shows and podcasts for the rest of the year.

Listen to “Until You Were Gone” below, and be sure to purchase the track starting today on iTunes.