Jameston Thieves has been absolutely slaying. Fresh on the SVB Rosa collective, the Phoenix based producer has an official Diplo remix out, just dropped a filthy collab with Krumm, and is now pushing the throttle with “Rain Digger.” This track is enough to exorcise even the most persistent demon, though we’re still unsure if Mr. Thieves is indeed from the underworld himself… But seriously, this tune packs all the cavernous bass house we’ve grown to love.

An insidious marimba foreshadows the hellish drop, and sonic tomes slam into the mix while dilapidated synths nibble your ears. Not eccentric enough? I thought not, so how about a little trap influence to bridge it all together. Honestly, Jameston Thieves is right at the forefront of today’s bass house movement with the likes of Ghastly, Jauz, and AC Slater. I could offer a money-back guarantee that you’ll be into this new-new, but it won’t be necessary since “Rain Digger” is available as a free download, courtesy of Uprise Music.