I have long been a supporter of Josh Cohen, aka Stereoshock. From Cohen’s early days in progressive house, through his evolution into his current field of dynamic, cinematic compositions fit for only the most epic of placements, he never fails to impress. Upon a single listen through “What Grows Within,” you will quickly find out why.

Not only are his electronic atmospheres crafted with an ethereal beauty that, frankly, nobody can contest; his mastery in orchestral arrangements and gloriously interwoven melodies is second to none – in any given genre of music.

Although this masterpiece is a mere three and a half minute respite from the normal mill of electronic dance music which we sort through constantly here at Your EDM, Stereoshock provides a perfectly quaint remedy for a long and tedious day with one helluva soaring anthem which we simply can’t not share with you.

In a sentence, it will expedite the most amazing sensation in your body, mind and soul… utter bliss.

Check out the stream below, grab yourself a copy for free today, and be sure to check out his previous release to “What Grows Within,” the chart-topping and highly evocative single, “Chasing Dusk.”