It has been close to five months since Stereoshock released his last single, “A Chapter Lost In Us”, and he is finally back with another new track. He first reached the number one spot on Soundcloud’s Classical charts with his track “Au Revoir”, and in only three days since release, he has already replicated that achievement with his latest song, “Chasing Dusk”.

Since his departure from progressive house, Josh has proven his ability to create unique and interesting music. Music that is not typically heard by most in the EDM scene. Imagery has always been a concept that Josh wishes to invoke through his work and he does so in great amountsĀ with his latest. A somber piano intros the track where it is met with orchestral sounds and booming drums. There is a notable sense of progression throughout the track, with the atmosphere ranging from uplifting to calming. The contrast between tones add depth and emotion to an already brilliant piece.

This is a beautiful work and one of Stereoshock’s best.