In continuing his quest to be where music, media, and social networking meet, the ever-trailblazing Deadmau5 has  given his website an upgrade. Joel Zimmerman has begun a new partnership with the distribution powerhouse Maestro that seeks to connect even more fans to the phenomenon of his musical experience. Ever since starting with Upfront back in 2013, his internet community medium used to be a simple subscription-based means for fans to digest new tracks, chat, and also allowed the avid concert attendee to view a live stream of the immediate ‘mau5scape’ of his shows. Now, with the Maestro-run community platform that relies more heavily on analytics and integrated marketing, enthusiasts will be allowed more means of connectivity, relatability, and an all-encompassing view of the virtual ‘mau5scape.’

With Maestro disseminating at the helm, the gamer-populated video platform Twitch will be providing the nuts and bolts of the video streaming process. Tomorrow, as a result of that partnership, attendees of TwitchCon 2015 will have access to a myriad of new Deadmau5 media along with their contemporaries, many of whom are online broadcasting innovators themselves. With these new tools of connectivity, there’s no doubt that Joel Zimmerman will appreciate his continued ability to provide meaningful commentary on how, where, and to what end electronic music gets produced.

Click here to view the updated Deadmau5 site.


Source | Image via Rukes