Hip-hop and EDM continue to blur genre lines, but who could’ve predicted that the Fresh Prince himself would end his decade-long hiatus with a remix of a track from an electro band? After months of speculation, Will Smith returns to music with the surprise release of a remix of the song “Fiesta” by Colombian electronic band Bomba Estéreo. This marks Will Smith’s first release in music since his 2005 album Lost and Found

The original track from Bomba Estéreo combines Cumbia rhythm, trap breakdowns, and electro synths to create a jammin’ melting pot of influences, and Will Smith’s addition adds hip-hop to the mix. Smith, with his ubiquitous voice and rapping style, would be expected to get jiggy on his long-awaited return to music, but his bars fall flat compared to his lyrics from his glory days (and even compared to recent songs from his ever-perplexing son Jaden Smith). He told Rolling Stone that he heard the original track during a trip to Colombia, and revealed an accompanying music video will soon release. 

Better luck next time, Will? Listen to his remix of “Fiesta” below: