The legendary Snoop Dogg. The unprecedented underground vibes of Boiler Room. Thanks to Ray-Ban, someone’s prayers have been answered and this unlikely combo is now a real thing. Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time before Snoop made the hop from reggae to DJing, and where else would you expect a DJ Snoopadelic Boiler Room set other than a roller rink?

As you can see, the Dogg is clearly more at home on the mic than the decks, but that doesn’t stop him from stringing together a decent set of mellow funk primed for the discotheque. A bit of spontaneous roller skate breakdancing erupts about 35 minutes in, and smiles are rampant throughout, but we can’t shake the novelty of the entire thing. It’s not quite on par with Shaq DJing TomorrowWorld, but it’s close. Oh, and Daz Dillinger, the homie in white, kept marijuanas on tap for the entire hour as fans cruised around the hot-boxed rink set to iconic sounds of disco. Take a deep breath before plunging into the funky haze below.