It isn’t often that prestigious EDM artists copy and paste loops into supposed hit songs, especially when they’re labeled as the #1 DJ in the world. However, it appears that Hardwell has done just that with his latest single, “Mad World.”

Starting at :28, the lead melody comes in with accompanying vocals from Jake Reese, who admittedly slays on this “original.” However, an anonymous source has pointed out that said lead melody is, in fact, a loop from a popular sample pack. Click “Full Demo” and skip to the :56 mark for proof, or check out the extracted sample below.

Normally the usage of samples in EDM wouldn’t be something to report on, however it’s difficult to ignore that a cheap loop is literally the back-bone for the entirety of a huge release from a world-renowned artist. If you listen through Hardwell’s “Mad World” below, you’ll quickly find that only the vocals and uninspired drop are unique.

The sample pack entitled “Progressive MIDI Anthems 2” advertises itself appropriately, as you can see below…

Missing the melodic hook in your mainroom slaying production? Too busy planing your meet and greets with label heads during WMC to find time to build a euphoric lead for what will likely be your debut tune, rocketing you to Avicii Le7el superstardom?

Well it’s your lucky day busy EDM producer! Your peak-hour pals at Sounds To Sample have finally followed up their chart topping MIDI pack with volume two of Progressive MIDI Anthems!

Get ready to lay down a mind-blowing, festival igniting melodic hook in the style of some of today’s biggest mega-stars with the MIDI tools and bonus loops provided in Progressive MIDI Anthems 2.

An invaluable source of inspiration for aspiring and experienced producers alike, this is the perfect pack to begin construction or rework the chords and leads in your next EDM super-hit! Tomorrowland mainstage, here you come!

Tomorrowland mainstage, indeed. Apparently with this pack, you can also be the #1 EDM DJ/producer in the world.