Amsterdam Dance Event, the world’s leading congregation for electronic dance music, is hosting its 20th anniversary this month, from October 14th to the 18th. ADE brings people together from all over the globe to share in discussing the future of dance and celebrate the genre’s vibrant culture.

While the event does not in any way condone substance use, it’s no secret that Amsterdam is the world’s leader in progressive substance policy and regulation. Ahead of the festivities, a new ecstasy pill has come into circulation baring the Amsterdam Dance Event logo, and officials are advising caution with the substance. It is reported to contain up to 250 mg of MDMA, a stronger than usual dose, in addition to the pill’s other adulterants. It is important to note that the pill is not associated with the event, and Dutch health institute, Trimbos, has issued a nationwide ‘red-alert’ along with the following warning of potential risks.

“Use of high-dose ecstasy is extra risky and increases the risk of overdose, causing overheating, acute psychotic symptoms, arrhythmias and liver failure can occur. Use can have fatal consequences.”

In the end, it’s up to the user to weigh the risks, but remember that substance use affects more than just yourself. Please, party responsibly if you choose to engage in certain activities while in the Netherlands this fall.


H/T Mixmag