It’s been a week since the TomorrowWorld disaster, but the memories from the festival are still fresh in everyone’s minds. Even with TomorrowWorld’s extensive apology, many attendees still feel unfulfilled and upset with the organization of the festival.

Luckily, the Internet always comes in to save the day. As per usual, memes lampooning TomorrowWorld hit the web within hours of the festival’s close. We’ve collected 10 of the best memes the Internet trolls concocted, and hope they help smooth the physical and emotional wounds from the past weekend. 12064346_10154233124752892_1146714920_n2CDFC16300000578-3252725-image-a-3_1443480690774 Screen-Shot-2015-09-30-at-12.51.14-AMScreen-Shot-2015-09-30-at-12.51.25-AM 12076206_10154817172267837_531213469_o Screen-Shot-2015-09-30-at-12.53.15-AM Screen-Shot-2015-09-30-at-12.50.08-AM Screen-Shot-2015-09-30-at-12.56.05-AM1530780_472210519606392_1948960139_n10576206_425525300970411_632682024_n 2

H/T: Rage Kitty