With dance music at an all-time high in popularity and still growing, it’s tough to find something that’s truly unique and organic nowadays. While many aspiring artists are trying to break through by imitating others, other artists, like Husky, are doing so by fusing the sounds of popular artists – and it’s paying off.

Hailing from Australia, Husky has already established himself as one of house music’s most promising young talents. His sound is uniquely his own, as his trademark house backbone is influenced by everything from disco, to funk, to blues, for a stunningly different result. With his debut album officially out, Husky has released another single off of the album online titled “Next To You,” featuring singer Natalie Wood, and it’s gotten a stellar set of remixes by the likes of Tom Budin, Carl Hanaghan, Tonia & Santiago, and Dan K.

On the original, Husky sets the stage with a bouncing house bass line that is driven forward by Natalie Wood’s soulful croons while infusing the track with heady synths and tech-influenced percussion arrangements. Each of the remixes offers a decidedly different take, as Tom Budin delivers a groovy, piano-driven house take on “Next To You,” while Tonia & Santiago bring down the tempo to turn the tune into an ambient masterpiece. “Next To You” and the remixes is out now via iTunes.