After taking on the Essential Mix for a second go and representing the first release on Disclosure‘s Method White label imprint, Jonas Rathsman announces a new EP, titled New Generation, set to release on the Kompakt Records affiliated KX label at the end of October. Accompanying this big news is the release of a new track from Rathsman, and deep house fans may already be well acquainted with this track, as it’s been popping up in other DJs’ sets recently.

The eponymous track “New Generation” is a sleek addition to Rathsman’s impressive catalog, and it finds the Swedish producer refining his dark sound that’s perfectly suited for night clubs. The track gradually builds during its run-time, hitting multiple peaks in lieu of building to one single crescendo. While not as poppy as his Method White track “Wolfsbane”, “New Generation” signals a mature sound from a producer whose been cracking away at his style for years. We can’t wait for the full EP.

Listen to “New Generation” below: