Ethereal’s Coastal is on a winning streak with his latest series of releases. Following a deadly flip of Major Lazer’s “Aerosol Can,” a new remix for fellow collective members Brave and Flip-D has just emerged onto Soundcloud. His optimistic and bold take on “Nightmares” combines the best of the future bass and trap realms into one sonic adventure. Coastal even made his own artwork for the track! It’s currently up for free download here.

The song starts with harmless piano chords and the vocals from the original. A whoosh of wind brings the elements closer to the front of the space, with an intensity that continues to increase all the way to the break. A clap series swells upwards into a delicate explosion of layered synths and thumps of kick and tom drums. The vocals continue as the instrument elements are stripped away for a moment’s rest, until a new half-time trap rhythm is introduced alongside sharp strikes of glass. A warm sub rattles underneath, throwing itself dynamically around the mix. The vibe of the introduction returns for a second climb, leading us back into the satisfying future drop, this time seamlessly mixed with arrangements from both sections.

Download the track for free here!