Too Future has been quite busy this week, and the fun isn’t over yet.

Six days ago, we received the long-awaited, 16-track mixtape courtesy of Penthouse Penthouse. A truly eclectic mix of soulful R&B crooners, smooth sample-based hip hop beats, and bass heavy club rhythms, the collection has something for everyone.

We love you guys so much, and just wanted to give y’all this beat pack as a way of saying “hey. thanks.” A lot of beats on here we have teased at shows or included in old TeamSupreme volumes.. but never released. There’s some ballads, love songs, club bangers, edits, something here for everybody. Whether you are a musician or just a music lover, please enjoy Grooves Vol. 1. See y’all this fall, come hang with us when we come thru your city. Holla at ur bois. Forreal. – M + P

To download Penthouse Penthouse’s mixtape, visit this link. And in the meantime, check out two of the included songs below (one features Djemba Djemba!).

Also this week, Too Future released an inspiring and downtempo mix from none other than Headphone Activist. In a similar vein as PP, the mix centers its focus on layered melodies and simmering emotion.

Finally, the cherry on top. This Saturday at Chicago’s Subterranean, both acts are set to perform in front of an intimate audience as part of the Too Future Series. They will be joined by Ian Ewing and Harris Cole.

To purchase tickets to this one-of-a-kind showcase, click here!