Damon Albarn, better known as one-half of the Gorillaz duo projectrecently took to Rolling Stone to share some of his thoughts on today’s biggest stars in an interview.

Speaking to press ahead of the release of Gorillaz’ upcoming fifth studio album, Damon kept his comments more or less polite. While he described Kanye West as “pretty unique,” he took a slightly dimmer view of Taylor Swift stating that she was “remarkable, but not unique.” Drake too failed to get a perfect review from Damon whom he described as “not as consistent as he could be,” but recent EP collaborator Future seemed to win the highest praise of the day with Damon calling him “really interesting, and sometimes exhilarating.” Rihanna also came up with Damon saying “well, she’s on the cover of NME, so she must be cool.”

While Damon was busy with Rolling Stone, Gorillaz collaborator Jamie Hewlett confirmed the fifth album’s progress with NME and shared some news that will likely give Gorillaz’ fans a reason to celebrate.

“We’re doing Gorillaz next year, Damon has started making some music around all his other projects. I’m working on it at the moment and 2016 is going to be Gorillaz all year.”

While Jamie stated that while it was still too early to talk collaborations, he did confirm that visually there would be changes coming to the Gorillaz project describing what’s to come as a “different look.”

“It’s going to change – I can’t tell you how. But of course it’s going to be different, I can’t do what I’ve already done, that’s not interesting to me. In the same way Damon changes with his music and moves forward, I do the same. It’s going to be a different look.”

Meanwhile Damon wrapped up his Rolling Stone interview by also confirming that he was working on “the very early days on a new Gorillaz record.”


H/T: NME | Image Source: Wikipedia