Every process Google executes is elite, even their slightly sub-par music streaming service. Even though Google Play Music is no Spotify, it still excels due to the fact they have a massive collection of playlists curated by your everyday music aficionado. But just because there are thousands of playlists, doesn’t mean the music on each one isn’t on point. Google has taken an extraordinary step to gauge just how well their music nerds can be trusted. According to Peter Asbil who’s in charge of the playlist’s quality, curators have to take the “Susan Boyle Test.”

We make curators take the Susan Boyle test. We ask these people – and remember, these are music geeks, they’re really seriously into music – to please put together a playlist that features Susan Boyle, that you think a Susan Boyle fan would love. If they can’t understand Susan Boyle, why she appeals to people and what they’re interested in, they’re not going to be a successful curator for us.

Yes, that’s right. Curators have to create a playlist for people who enjoyed the viral sensation from Britain’s Got Talent (who went on finish in 2nd place and became one of the best selling artists of all time). It seems like a pretty ridiculous test, but with such a specific and obscure style, the test is crazy enough to actually work.


Source: Business Insider | Photo: Harper’s Bazaar
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