If you’ve been on Youtube at any point during the last decade, you’re sure to have seen the classic ‘Techno Viking’ video. Quickly becoming a viral sensation, imitators from all around the world uploaded their own versions of the Viking’s famous strut. If you’re still unfamiliar, take a look at the link below.

Ever since director Matthias Fritsche originally created the Techno Viking experiment, he has been promoting a crowd-funded campaign with the goal of making a full length documentary feature on the man behind the muscles. Finally, his dreams have been achieved.

The 50 minute movie details the life and rise of the Viking, as well as his impact on society and our modern Internet culture. Read the creators’ description below, and watch the detailed and hilarious film further down.

What do you do, when once you danced half naked in front of a camera in the middle of the street and years later the world creates itself a hero out of this video? Is it a blessing or a curse if people start warshiping your image while others sell T-shirts with your face? “The Story of Technoviking” is a case study on a successful Internet meme. It shows the contemporary situation where user’s sharing & remix behavior gets into conflict with more than 100 years old intellectual property and personality laws that define the limits.

H/T: Thump / EDM