Before the days of massive stages, elaborate light shows, and festivals upon festivals, the live electronic music scene was relegated to underground communities. This rave culture was strongest in the ’90s era, and certain regions concentrated the bulk of the kandi ravers: Los Angeles and the early beginnings of EDC, Chicago and its literally underground house clubs, and Florida with its tight-knit clubs and rave groups.

An upcoming documentary charts the history of the rave scene specifically in Florida, and its trailers hint at the comprehensive effect Florida’s modest beginnings had on the entire spectrum of EDM. Presented by Underlab Studios and KC Productions and directed by Vinazza,  The Scene: 90’s Florida Rave Culture includes interviews with everyone from club promoters to MCs, rare footage of the early club culture of the South Florida region, and memorials to all the deceased icons who contributed to the growth of live electronic music. The doc is still in production with no set release date, but its eventual release will mark a timely love letter to the early days of EDM and raves.

Watch the documentary’s three trailers below: