Australian duo Set Mo topped the ARIA dance charts with their previous single “White Dress” earlier this year, which to date has accumulated over 4 million stream, as well as a debut EP in 2014 The Crush. Now, the duo from down, comprised of Nick Drabble and Stu Turner, under are back with some more sunny vibes on “Chasing Forever” – a groovy indie dance/house track which features the soulful vocals of Sydney’s ALPHAMAMA.

“We wanted to describe the bittersweet journey when stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the risk of pursuing something greater than your current situation. When we came across ALPHAMAMA we knew her neo soul style would capture the emotional struggle we were looking to portray perfectly.”

Whether it’s the tropical instrumentals or ALPHAMAMA’s delicate vocals, everything about the track just screams summertime fun by the beach, helping us get through the harsh cold of the next few months as we look to our next warm weather getaway!

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