It’s 2015, and Justin Bieber is evolving into a respectable musician. The once-grating pop star put out two awesome singles this year, both inspired by recent trends in EDM. The first we all know: the Billboard hit with Jack Ü “Where Are Ü Now.” The second, tropical house-influenced track is “What Do You Mean”, and it’s received its fair share of remixes already. The latest remix of the track comes from an unexpected producer, and we’d argue this remix surpasses all of its contemporaries thus far.

15-year-old Norwegian producer ELIAS gives us a compelling bootleg of “What Do You Mean”, and he retains many of the original track’s signature components while adding his own flavor. The key difference comes from the inclusion of a drop, which mixes future house synths, high-hats, and bigroom basslines. The mix sounds excessive on paper, but ELIAS pulls it off flawlessly. Considering ELIAS’ young age, we cannot wait to see what comes next from this wonder kid.

Listen to ELIAS’ bootleg of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” below: