WE MADE IT, FAM! Grab your hoverboard, don you funny-looking hats, and channel your inner Marty McFly, because we’ve officially arrived… Back To The Future.

This day only happens once, and we’re damn proud of Eclectic Method for making dance music a part of it with his “Back To The Future Remix.” The remix alone is incredible, but the video goes one further, packing a full dose of Doc’s gibberish and Marty’s uncompromising swag, accompanied by the standard Biff douchebaggery. Most importantly, our beloved DeLorean is featured in all its time traveling glory, flux capacitor intact and looking better than ever.

Eclectic Method will be teaming up with fellow remix master Pogo for a Back To The Future themed Hill Valley party tonight in Paris. If you’re in that part of the world, be sure to check it out, but don’t forget your Nike McFlys.


Even better, the shoes are here! You know, the self-lacing ones? They’re real. (Sorry, no hoverboards yet.)