Yesterday, we reported on a young man who pulled a gun at a house party, following an argument over song selection. That young man was arrested, and no injuries were reported.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for a recent party in India where a man was beaten to death by two DJs and their friend. Rohit Bhardwaj was attending the birthday party of a friend when the incident occurred. According to The Times of India, a fight broke out around midnight when Bhardwaj got into an argument about the song selection with the DJs. The DJs escalated the fight when they began to beat Bhardwaj with hockey sticks.

Bhardwaj’s friend took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“Dr Deepak Mathur, the forensic expert at Civil Hospital, [stated] that Bhardwaj had suffered multiple injuries on his entire body, but the head injury was the death blow.”

The DJs laptops were confiscated, along with the hockey sticks, though police weren’t able to find any video footage of the incident as CCTV cameras were not positioned in the area.

This is the second death this year direct confrontations between DJs and young adults in India.