In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to make money by making videos.

YouTube is still the leader in revenue for independent content creators, with users like PewDiePie and Smosh making up to millions per year. Though those two find themselves among the top YouTube earners, others have used their YouTube fame to catapult their careers.

In particular, Lindsey Stirling has seen great success with her blend of electronically influenced music and dancing, garnering over 1 billion views on YouTube. She just recently finished a worldwide tour at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, the production of which should serve as a testament to her success and vision.

Forbes just released their first ever list of YouTube Millionaires, with thirteen “DIY filmmakers” (musicians not mutually exclusive). Among the list resides Lindsey Stirling, whom Forbes says earns a whopping $6 million per year.

The earnings statistics of YouTube stars aren’t publicly available, so we’ll have to take Forbes’ word for it.

Other publications like Business Insider didn’t even show her as a blip on their radar in 2014, nor makeup guru Michelle Phan who reportedly made $3 million this year. So what happened in 2015? Maybe the metrics became more accurate… or maybe these users were more willing to pony up the info once they heard that Forbes was doing a story on them.

Whatever the case, Lindsey’s success can be seen on stage and off, and her talent and drive are nowhere in question.

Take a look at the video that started it all below: