If you go to Hype Machine and type in “Gryffin,” you’ll be alarmed at just how dominant he’s been in the remix charts. With over 100,000 combined hearts over 14 remixes, it’s safe to say he’s made a huge splash in the indie dance scene. This begs the question – why hasn’t he been on tour at all through much of 2015?

In an interview with Billboard, the classically trained musician announced three tour dates later this year and through 2016, and also talked about his decision to opt for a live performance as opposed to a usual DJ set. He’ll stop December 31st at Snowglobe Music Festival, January 14th at The Roxy in LA, and January 20th in his New York hometown at Bowery Ballroom.

When asked about what his live set would entail, Gryffin had this to say.

“Without revealing too much, it will incorporate live instrumentation, but in a more continuous dance mix format to keep up the energy that is usually characteristic in DJ sets.  It will feature a lot of my favorite remixes, as well as unreleased music and upcoming songs to be released next year.”

As a classically trained guitarist and pianist, Gryffin confirmed that those instruments will indeed be a part of his live show, as well as synths.

“Most of the instrumentation (guitars, keyboard, synths) that are featured on my tracks are direct-lined into the projects, so I feel the best way to capture and showcase my music will be with a live show.”

If you can’t wait to catch him or just need a fix of Gryffin in your life, he’s also got you covered on that end! Two months ago, on his mix series debut Flight Log 001, he debuted an ID that left many fans scrambling to figure out just what track that was. Now, he’s finally graced us with a free download.

BØRNS’s “Electric Love” is given a smooth, deep house rework which will most likely serve as one of his last official remixes for awhile with a string of originals coming up on Darkroom/Interscope.

Enjoy this soulful freebie which should have even the most bored looking individuals looking to dance! Free download here. If you’re looking to catch him at a show, head on over to his Facebook page to purchase tickets here, or Snowglobe Music Festival’s official site for tickets if you’re looking for a festival experience instead.

H/T: Billboard

Featured Image Source: Windish Agency Assets